ian & amber

Partners in adventure // DOCUMENTERS of life // shooters of the world

Once upon a time...

on the opposite sides of a little town called Asheville, NC. two creative children took two very different paths to adulthood.

our lives were very different, and for over 25 years, our paths never crossed.

in 2009, that all changed.

we met. we photographed. we partnered.


the rest is history ;)


we love your unique body.

you are beautiful. you have worth.

we see the beautiful you.

your imperfections are our inspiration.

  • love is love.
  • real is inspiring.
  • bodies are art.
  • love is unique.
  • real is imperfect.
  • bodies are beautiful.

craziest adventure?

last second cross country road trips. Death Valley at 120F. the Grand Canyon at -11F. spiritual wild donkey encounters. secret nude beaches. dirty dive bars. underwater pizza delivery.


and there was that one time we got hit by a car while riding a scooter in Mexico ;)


that one wins.

For the stalkers...

01 - Our favorite way to see the world is from the front seat of our ‘77 VW bus, Hazel Grace. Preferably at about 35 miles per hour. Windows down, of course.

02 - We both have an irrational fear of ducks. Ian super hates spiders, and amber is completely flipped out by cotton balls... and now you know our kryptonite.

03 - Our church is a campfire in the woods. We disconnect from distractions and reconnect with what matters.

04 - We have tattoos, and we have scars. Each one of them is important. Each one is a memory.

05 - Drink of choice? Ian will have an IPA, and amber will have a Long Island. Or bourbon neat for both of us. Blanton’s, please.

06 - We have a superpower. We breathe underwater. Jealous?

if you have been looking for an Asheville boudoir photographer...you are in the right place. we are Asheville boudoir photographers, and we would love to show you how beautiful you are!

xo, a & I

Asheville Boudoir Photographers